Audit and Assurance

Our Audit and Assurance Services go beyond compliance, offering meticulous examinations of financial statements and internal controls. Trust us for precision, transparency, and strategic insights to elevate confidence in your business operations.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Services are your gateway to precision and financial clarity. Trust our dedicated team to manage your financial records seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your core business activities with confidence.


Tax Consultancy

At Hifan Tax, our Tax Consultancy Services are designed to navigate the intricate landscape of taxation in the UAE. From seamless VAT registration to strategic advisory, trust us to optimize your tax strategies, ensuring compliance and financial success.


Corporate Tax

Our Corporate Tax Services are tailored to optimize your tax strategy, ensuring compliance with regulations while maximizing savings. Trust our expert team to navigate the complexities of corporate taxation, providing strategic insights for financial efficiency and long-term success.


Business Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory Services are designed to propel your business forward. From strategic planning to performance optimization, we offer tailored solutions that empower you to make informed decisions and achieve sustained success in a dynamic business landscape.


Digital Transformation Solution

Embark on a journey of innovation with Hifan Tax's Digital Transformation Services. Our tailored solutions empower businesses to navigate the digital landscape seamlessly, driving efficiency, agility, and sustainable growth.

Our working process - how we work for our customers



In the planning phase, the our staff will discuss with management and will review past data to determine, Services that are the chosen cost objects, Elements/composition of direct costs, Activities and cost-allocation bases., Identification of the indirect costs associated with each cost allocation base.


During the fieldwork phase, our team will gain insights into the specific processes by conducting interviews with management or reviewing policies and procedures. We will identify any gaps between the current processes and Activity-Based Costing, covering all seven steps outlined in the Scope of Services.


Following the completion of fieldwork, we meticulously compile, present, and engage in thorough discussions with our clients, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the results. To drive actionable outcomes, clients are required to furnish detailed action plans, complete with timeframes, to address the identified recommendations.


Following the outlined timeframes in the action plans, we conduct thorough follow-ups to validate the successful implementation of the prescribed measures. This meticulous process ensures that the proposed actions have been effectively executed, contributing to the overall success of our strategic initiatives.

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